Ambassador Program

Join the Pack. Apply today!

We will select individuals who respect our choice parameters. Your applications will be reviewed thoroughly, and so will your social media. Our team is looking for motivated individuals who have a passion for fitness and our brand, and who are ready to join the SavageLycan pack as Ambassador. We don’t care about the numbers, no matter how many followers you have, we look for who is ready to devote himself with passion and grow with us, helping us with sales, with visibility and with the publication of content.

Note: new Ambassadors do not receive free products. Ambassadors earn commission/ clothing based on # of times their unique codes are used on our website. If the only reason you’re applying is for free products or money, this program is not for you. 

– 18 years is the minimum age.

– Ambassadors will receive 15% commission per sale.

– Your customers will be able to use your Promo code to buy any product from the store at a 15% discount.

– As an Ambassador, you will also have a code that we will provide you with, which will allow you to make an order of one or more products per month, at a 20% discount.

– To join the pack, you must have at least one of our products that you will wear and use for your sponsorship business and then you will use the code that we will provide to start ordering with a 20% discount.

– Every 3 months, we will select the best Ambassador (by number of sales and quantity of social content provided) and will receive 3 free products and a commission no more than 15% but 20% on future sales for the following 3 months.

– You must have a PayPal account to receive your earnings.

Apply and send us your desired discount code (15% off) to post on  your IG bio for you and your followers to use. Your earnings will depend on your commitment, the greater it will consequently the greater your profit and the chance to become the Alpha Leader of the SavageLycan Pack!

Good luck! Unleash your bestial instinct!